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What Happens When KidsStart Meditating


I am sure you have heard some of the endlessbenefits of meditation for adults. But what about for your kids? Will they gainanything from this? How would this help when you can’t seem to get them to sitstill for more than 2 minutes? Meditation is an indispensable tool that you cangift to your children that would be used for years and years to come, a giftthat would always keep on giving.


After teaching my first tween yoga class, Inoticed that words like stress/busy/anxious were already plaguing the brains ofthese 7 to 12 year olds. If they are experiencing these emotions and feelingsand identifying what they are, then they can experience the benefits ofmeditation.


But how can we start quieting the crazy monkeyminds of young children, and when? Any age is appropriate time to start;meditation doesn’t have to be 30 minutes of silence in a crazy crossed leggedsitting position. With very young children, encourage them to lay on their backwith eyes closed and silent for just a minute. Let them get comfortable withsilence and the idea of meditation. You can opt to play some calming music ormaybe light a candle or use some essential oils. For older children, you canwork on meditation for 5 minutes. You can teach them breathing techniques suchas alternate nostril breathing or bellybreathing (follow the link for a video).


What would this do for your children? Aschildren develop and experience more in the world, tantrums and frustration canovertake your lives. Trying meditation can help the child work through theseemotions in a more constructive manner. Meditation will also help your childrenlearn to focus their attention and awareness, letting them draw their energy tofocus on one singular thing, something that is very foreign to children of thisgeneration as they are constantly stimulated by technology.


Overall, meditation will help your child reach theirfull potential. They will discover they are capable of so much more than theythink and they can truly harness that energy into good. 

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