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How to talk with your kids about Mental Illness.

This is a touchy subject. Many parents do not know how toaddress mental illness, especially when the stigma is still alive and strong.Because of this, many parents avoid this conversation all together. However,you should communicate with your children about mental health concerns. Notonly will it help them be more compassionate, it might even save someone’slife.


1.   Cover the basics.

?    The first step is to explain to your kids what it meansto have a mental illness; that is is real, very common, and treatable.

2.     Comfort them.

?    Teach your child that it is OKAY to not feel 100% allthe time, and that having a mental health problem does not make you any less ofa person. Let them know that you are there for support and that something likethat is never anyone’s fault.

3.      Allow forquestions.

?    Your child might be a little confused if this is thefirst time that you are talking about mental illness. Give them a chance to askquestions now or at anytime in the future.

4.   Ask for help.

?    If the conversation is difficult or you are lost in howto talk about this, never be afraid to ask for help yourself. Reach to to amental health professional or a school counselor and they will guide you to theright direction. 

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