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Immunization Month!

August is National ImmunizationAwareness Month. Proper vaccination is important for people of all ages. Thegoal of our practice in administering vaccinations would be to reduce andeliminate vaccine-preventable diseases among our patients. It is important forparents to be aware of the recommended vaccine schedule to ensure their childis properly vaccinated. There are many times a parent will be required to showtheir child’s current vaccination records such as starting a new childcarefacility, starting preschool, changes in school from elementary, middle, orhigh school, and even starting college. 

Currently, there are 17 vaccine-preventable diseases thathave vaccines available and many can be administer in office. There are 14diseases that a baby can be protected from by the time they reach 2 years old.Our practice follows the current immunization schedule provided by the Centersfor Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Serious health consequences can arisefrom children who are not properly vaccinated. It is important to that babiesreceived all doses of each vaccine on time. If for some reason your child hasfallen behind on their immunization schedule, your provider can still givecertain vaccines to catch the child up.

For parents who have additional questions about theirchild’s vaccine records, contact our office at 614-771-0200.


Link from CDC for immunization schedule:

Link from ODOH for vaccines:

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