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The Benefits of Outdoor Play

I don’t need to explain how the new generation of kids havebeen spending more times indoors than previous generations, and this usuallymeans more time in front of screens and technology. The decreasing amount oftime outdoors playing could be linked to the increase in childhood obesity anda mass of other health conditions. According to TheAmerican Academy of Pediatric, unstructured outdoor play for children isinvaluable and necessary for health and development of kids.


Coaxing your child to play outdoors can have manyadvantages. The following 3 are just a few of the many important benefits.


Physical Health


Having children play outside will allow them to work inaerobic activity and strength training when playing on the jungle gyms.Children will also be exposed to vitamin D which is critical for healthy bonedevelopment.


Mental Health


Outdoor physical activity will help reduce stress inchildren, and chronic stress can have many nefarious effects on kids. Naturehas also been known to help lessen symptoms of anxiety and ADHD.


Social Health


A wide range of skills can develop when children get to playoutside. They can learn to work in groups/teams, how to share, andconflict-resolution. 

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